Apr 25, 2013

First Trial Run

Last weekend we went on a camping trip to Potato Creek State Park with Ed's side of the family for his brother's birthday. It was our first time taking the rv to a campground, first rv ride for our kitty Bowie, first time using all of the "facilities" and first time filling and dumping the tanks. All things considered, it was a pretty smooth ride.

The top front window by the bed had been replaced before we took the rv home (to my parents home), but it was clearly a shoddy job. Wonderful. Ed and I tried to seal it up ourselves the weekend before the camping trip, but because of a handful of stupid variables, were unable to get the whole thing done. My dad ended up taking care of it himself (he's just really nice like that all of the time), and it's a good thing because it rained. And it snowed. Then rained again. But no more leaks!

Bowie fared as well as a cat can. He definitely spent a lot of time freaking out and hiding under the seats, but by the last day, he was his normal self, running around like a little terror.

Gettin' the hang of it.

This was just in time for the ride home, another traumatic experience. He's definitely getting more used to everything though, I think he'll be just fine.

The weekend was full of good food and great family. We're feeling pretty at-home in the rv and can't wait to get it all fixed up and moved into.