Jun 22, 2013

Getting started...a few bumps in the road

We spent the night at my parent's place and got some work done on the RV. We had a "lets work on our RV" party with Dad. It was quite frustrating work. There was some swearing. (Maybe that was just me. Yeah I think it was mostly me.)

I was impressed, my dad needed a tool he didn't have, so he just busted out his welding gear and made it himself. What a guy!

Ed replaced most of the lights with these super efficient LED's. We had ordered the warm light LED's but were sent those crazy daylight white lights instead. Guh. We decided it would be too much hassle to return them, so we're just going with it. We do need to order a few more, so hopefully we get the right ones, and can install them in the light fixtures that we'll be using the most.


We woke up early Saturday to beat the rain and get some much needed caulking done on the exterior. We sort of beat the rain. Sigh. There is a pattern here. ANY. TIME. that we need to caulk leaks, storms come rolling in. How ironic and absolutely infuriating.

Then we discovered that the bathroom light, fan, and hall light were not working. For no legitimate reason. At all. Ended up having to make a trip into town for electrical supplies and ant traps* and then do some rewiring which took up most of our time, but everything is working now. Whew.

We installed our new water saving oxygenics showerhead which has pretty rave reviews within the RV community. This was actually installed sans-unexpected disaster! Although our water tanks are empty so we couldn't test it out, so...who knows!? 

Sorry for the bitch-fest! I get way frustrated with things that are out of my control, and things I can't fix (like the weather) so it's a good thing I was surrounded by the likes of Ed and my Dad. They're the most easy going guys I know, plus they're pretty good at getting me to chill out when I think all hope is lost :)

*did I mention the ants that decided to check out our empty kitchen for some reason?