Sep 18, 2013

A Love Letter to Lafayette, Indiana

These last weeks have been full of anticipation for hitting the road, but also plenty of stress and tears and heartfelt goodbyes. This business of leaving our friends and family is tough, but we are so excited for our adventures to come.

In order to GO, we have to leave. Which is not completely ideal because we love our town and all the people who fill it. We are so blessed to have ended up on our block. Unknowingly, we bought a house in such close proximity to the most loving, generous, creative people that we are so thankful to know, and now consider family. It's been such a joy to constantly find our paths crossing with so many interesting people. From those we first met last week, to those who we've been seeing around for years, we wish we could have gotten to know you more!

We are blessed to be a part of this local community of artists, writers, derby skaters, music makers, starlight rollers, and all you weirdos in between. We've learned so much from you. We love you Lafayette, and we'll be rolling through as often as we can.

Happy Trails.