Nov 12, 2013

Lake Guntersville

We've ended up staying put here at Guntersville State Park for awhile longer. It's a pretty perfect location for us right now, full hookup, good price, warmish weather, and lots of trails to explore. We are camped lakeside with a beautiful view of the sunset (and deer parades) every evening. 

Most of the trails are named for some kind of neat feature to find along the way. Here's the old whiskey still, on the Old Still Path. Notice the revenooers ax marks. 

We haven't found the moonshine still yet, and we're still hunting for some old home sites. It's pretty hard to navigate the trail system because the park was devastated by multiple tornadoes in 2011. The campground was hit the hardest, and many of the trails are impassable, or just impossible to find. A variety of confusing maps, mismatched blazes, and at least 3 different generations of trail markers in various stages of decay do not help!

Uh, where do we go now?

Kings Chapel Cemetery on Graveyard Hill

Rock biter

We do a lot of pensive gazing these days.

Good morning vampire cat.

Not pictured: 2 more emus, 3 donkeys, small herd of small goats.

Pretty colors everywhere. Fall is my very favorite season.

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