Feb 4, 2014

Birthday Trip

Just completed my 29th revolution around the sun! To celebrate my perfect attendance, Ed and I took a trip to Turkey Run State Park and stayed at the Inn. We did some hiking, had some dinner, then half-watched the superbowl with a bottle (or two) of wine from Wildcat Creek Winery (had to stop for a tasting on the way out of town - of course). Didn't you know Sunday is "Drink Local, Indiana" day? Next morning it was more hiking, and a sushi dinner, making me a very happy birthday girl.

We are pretty familiar with Turkey Run, but holy wow it's a different world in the winter time. There is water and ice doing the strangest things everywhere you look. Cracking, dripping, freezing on top, draining underneath, floating, slushing...making weird sounds too. It is strange terrain out there. It had snowed the day before we arrived, all the snow was still sitting on the branches. Just beautiful.

The suspension bridge was ruined last spring in a flood, the wood has been repaired/replaced, and just re-opened last October. So new, you can smell it!

Flooded Rocky Hollow. Many of the trails ended in floods or sheets of uphill ice. 

Col. Lieber Memorial, and final resting place. He is known as the father of Indiana State Parks.

 Snow tunnel on the way to Lieber Cabin.

Coal seams

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