Mar 31, 2014

Alabama to Mississippi

What a hectic Sunday. Quick recap.

After a fun-filled week in South Carolina with Cori's uncle, we said to ourselves, "Hey, let's go to the ocean." Then we looked at the weather. And all the crowds. And then we said to ourselves, "Yeah, let's stay away from the ocean this time around - we already saw that one anyway." And so we headed west.

We found ourselves, once again, in Alabama - sort of picking up where we left off last fall. Spent a week on water front property in a place called Wind Creek State Park. Which allegedly has the largest state-run campground in the U.S. - almost 600 sites! It was a pretty site with lovely scenery, although our view of the night sky was often obstructed by tenting lanterns across one of the many lake fingers. A very pretty park, but I doubt we'll be back.

After that, we trekked onwards into the west, setting our sights on Lake Lurleen state park in Alabama. We got there after a night of boondocking (which is made extremely easy with solar panels, by the way), and the park is BEAUTIFUL. Very nice little park nested around a little gem of a lake. BUT the woes of having to remain employed on the road held us back this time around - the internet was unusably slow, in spite of our many efforts to move, re-seat the antenna, and scream in frustration.

So we continued on west - to Louisville, Mississippi. We're currently parked in a privately-owned campground in a little lake-resort area called Lake Tiak-O-Khata. It's a nice, fully-forested campground with a great layout. The resort area up the road is borderline hilarious, though - Cori said it looks like they could have filmed Dirty Dancing here. Not a bad place at all - we'll call it home for now.

 Pretty view from our front door at Wind Creek

 These funny ducks were a permanent fixture the whole week

 Bowie cat sittin pretty

 Back on the road after leaving Wind Creek. God rays over Alabama.

One of the nice things about driving west, is you always get a sunset view.
(or completely blinded for 30 minutes if there are no clouds)

 Snapped a picture of this gorgeous courthouse we drove by. I looked it up later to learn there's a ghost story, and a face in the window that you can still see. Super bummed we didn't know about this (actually I did know the story, just not that this was the courthouse!) would have loved to see it :( It is the old Pickens County Courthouse in AL.

Golden ribbon road in Mississippi. It was a charming drive through the
little Alabama and Mississippi towns between Tuscaloosa and Louisville.

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