Mar 15, 2014

Kings Mountain

After a few bumps in the road, we are finally back at it again. This nasty winter kept us in town longer than planned, but for most of that time, there was nowhere warm in the country for us to go anyways! Moving back into the ship took longer than expected, but we managed to make a quiet getaway during a little break in the frigid winter weather. The first day driving was all nerves and excitement, then some panic and wtf?#*¿! when the water system that worked just 2 hours ago springs a leak. In a pretty much impossible-to-reach location. Stress! But we put our game faces on, and pushed through to Kings Mountain State Park. We arrived exhausted and frustrated. After filling up our water jugs and settling into our campsite, we found ourselves sitting around in a silent, defeated daze. I decided to turn on some Grateful Dead since they always lighten the mood. My favorite GD album, Working Man's Dead, was exactly what we needed. Oh dang that first line completely snapped us out of it. Just perfect. Tears and laughter!


 We had a great week. Hiked and biked everyday except for Friday because my legs were too sore. Had a little refresher course on our constellations, and quickly fell back into the groove of fulltime RVing (without water. Like, real camping. Ha). We hiked into King's Mountain National Military Park, and around the battlefield. We learned a lot about the Revolutionary War, and this particular battle, which marked the turning point in the American Revolution.

CCC dam forming Lake Crawford in Kings Mountain SP

 Today in the home depot parking lot, Ed fixed our leak with a new hose, some choice expressions, and a couple! Relief! We spent the day cruising around South Carolina on our way to visit Uncle Ed. We made a few stops for groceries and other odds and ends. Lunch consisted of peach cider, peach ice cream, boiled p-nuts and scuppernong juice. Did I mention the temperature is in the 60's and 70's? SPRING!

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