May 31, 2014

Zion II - Kolob Canyons & Hop Valley

We hiked the Taylor Creek Trail to the Double Arch Alcove in Kolob Canyons. Basically just pretty canyon views all day, with some historic cabins and nice shady stretches of trail.

We've been reading and learning about geology and land forms recently, so I felt like a cool kid when I spotted this recumbent fold along the trail.

It's much greener on this side of the park

More Kolob Canyon vistas

We hiked into Hop Valley, it's a pretty unforgettable place. The trail starts out going through a sandy desert area, through a cow pasture on private property (just close the gate behind you) and down, down, into the valley. The trail follows and crosses a shallow stream numerous times, and we were doing our best to keep our shoes dry. That was until we came upon a friendly, barefoot, condor-tracker. His advice was to ditch the hiking shoes and get our feet wet. The locals know best!

Looking down into Hop Valley

 Looking back on Hop Valley. It was hard to leave!

The drive home was beautiful too. Can you imagine living here?? We drove past a few little cabins with solar panels and hammocks. Sign me up.

Part III coming...

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