Sep 22, 2014

Mount Rainier

We visited Mount Rainier for just one day. It's a sin to take only one day for a national park visit, but we had to be on our way. We took the Stevens Canyon entrance, stopped by the visitor's center, and jumped on a trail to Silver Falls.

A glimpse from downstream

Looking further downstream - this impressive river canyon is looking pretty dinky in the pictures. You gotta see it for yourself!

The visitor's center was a Mission 66 project. The program is often criticized for not holding true to the National Park mission and aesthetic (tough to beat that CCC parkitecture), but I was pretty in love with this mid-century/NPS/nature center mashup.

Looking back after leaving the park

On the road again...

Riding up top with Bowie

More columnar jointing! (remember Devil's Postpile?) This all used to be LAVA

We are getting very good at recognizing landforms, understanding what they're made of, and how they got there. It's pretty thrilling to have the ability to read a landscape.

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