Dec 11, 2014

Grand Teton National Park

After leaving Yellowstone, we squeezed in an entirely-too-short visit to Grand Teton National Park. The fall colors were beginning to show, it was a bright and beautiful day. 

"Since they are among the youngest mountains in North America and still actively growing, they have not had time to become heavily eroded; their jagged outline was sculpted by moving ice during the last glacial period."

We love Stephen

Fabulous visitor center - new in 2007

We received  a tip in Yellowstone - Jenny Lake is a must see. We are on the east side of the mountain range, where the peaks abruptly rise up from the earth, just west of Jackson Hole.

Sun sinking

Goodbye, mountains. We had to get back on the road to cover some ground on our way toward the Badlands. Our drive in the remaining sunlight was beautiful. Later that night, we rolled into a strange campground among the Wyoming oil fields.

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