Oct 1, 2015

Homeward Bound

Ok dedicated readers, it's been a year since we camped at Palisades where our story left off...thank you to those hassling me to finish this blog ;)

Departing from Palisades State park, we continued east, making a quick stop at Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota. It was a rainy day and the mosquitoes were brutal so we did not see much of the actual quarries, but we enjoyed the visitors center and learned about the history, culture, and geology of the area.

"Oral tradition tells us that the site was used by people of all tribes, and that all tribes - even enemies - laid down their arms before quarrying side by side. Archaeological evidence shows many different tribes quarried here. By 1700, the Dakota Sioux were the dominant presence at the pipestone quarries." Learn more about Pipestone

From here, we called it our Homecoming Tour. We were able to visit some dear friends before coasting back into Indiana. Hardly any pictures from these visits as they were much too short, and we had more important things at hand than documentation, I did manage a few random shots.

We got to camp outside of Minneapolis and spend some time with cousin Joshua, Adrienne, and family, and our friend Alan. It was really great to catch up with these Hoosier transplants, and speak face to face with old friends after being away from home for so long. Alan joined us camping one night, we were treated to some fun city walkabouts, late night campfire conversation, and worship at J+A's church.

Next we camped out in Iowa, in Chris and Amanda's driveway. They were so nice to let us to squeeze in there for a while, and even share a visit from Chris's lovely mother. We enjoyed bike rides, apple picking, campus and greenhouse tours, homebrew, local brew, and the type of general shenanigans you'd come to expect from these fine humans.

On our way through Wisconsin we could not pass up another visit to Dr. Evermore's Forevertron. We got to catch up with Lady Eleanor again, and further explore the grounds.
"A mythic obsession"

Survey markers make great bug eyes

The bird orchestra is my favorite. I believe most of these were made in the 50's. Some are kinetic, and you can hear them creaking, clanging, and squeaking in the breeze...can't help but expect them to burst into a symphony at any moment.

Power On!

Next we stayed with the Booth family, we felt quite at home in their gorgeous and historic neighborhood (go WPA!). We were treated to delicious meals (and drinks), watched some cute kiddo soccer games, meandered through the local botanical garden, learned to knit (thanks Eileen!) and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.

Next stop - INDIANA

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