Jun 18, 2014

Sand Hollow State Park

While visiting Zion every chance we got, we were camped out at Sand Hollow State Park for 3 weeks. It is located just outside of Hurricane (Hur-can), and is the best argument for a man-made lake that I've ever seen. 
This area is called the jumping rocks.

Red rocks!

It's a reservoir, and is connected to another reservoir in the area - a nice combo of form and function. The sandstone makes for an interesting collection of sandy beach sections that meet sheer cliffs above and below the surface. There are little hidden beaches and islands all along the side of the campground, it's kind of the coolest playground ever. 

There are zero trees, but the desert landscape in spring is fascinating if you just look a little closer.

tumbleweed trap

There is a mountain view in every direction, and incredible sunsets every night. It's hard to ignore the sky out here.

Hodor, all golden

Bowie, not caring

Ed, and the grab-bag of beer that we had to drive to St. George for. Utah has probably the most ridiculous liquor laws we've come upon.

More pretty skies

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