Jul 23, 2014

Bandon by the Sea

Bullard's Beach State Park, just north of Bandon, is where we fell in love with Oregon, it's coast, and it's parks. We hiked and biked to the beach nearly everyday.

Our first day on the beach was like a dream. Everything was a new discovery...like these weird creatures.

This atmospheric halo stayed above us for most of the afternoon.

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Someone left their rock collection in the parking lot, I rearranged it.

 My hobbit, in a driftwood wizard hut we found on the beach

Face Rock

Sea stacks. That one in the middle is called the Wizard's Hat. The mist this day was so thick. It's not just in the distance, you can see it drift right up to you, and pass between your feet.

Bike ride to the Coquille River Lighthouse

North Jetty

Watching the waves, the weather, and seals.

Lighthouse from the south side

Cat and Kittens

Wizard hut party! This was the most impressive one we found, you could stand up inside.

The beaches are magical, and the State Park program is better than any I've seen. All of the infrastructure is so thoughtfully laid out, and has been well maintained throughout the years. There are almost always flush toilets, drinking fountains, and garbage/recycling cans available nearby. The Oregon State Park system seems to receive good funding and a lot of community support. Not since leaving home, had we found a state park system that topped Indiana! (sorry we skipped you California, I have a suspicion you'd do us proud) And not since leaving Indiana has it been so easy to find recycling facilities. 

The town of Bandon was fun too, very bike friendly, and just a short ride down the 101 from our campsite. There is a great city park with disc golf, and other neat shops, historic places, art and sculptures all over, and the coolest yarn shop ever.

We met up with some long lost family during our stay, and I somehow did not get any pictures (facepalm). I got a picture of this bike though...keg delivery!

Tracy picked us up and took us back to her beautiful historic home to meet her family. They treated us to dinner and drinks at 7 Devil's BrewCo, then out to watch the sunset at Shore Acres State Park. All around successful family reunion. Great minds! Another reason we never wanted to leave...did I mention we loved it here?

 Again, more pictures and videos on my instagram account. It's easier than blogging.

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