Jul 30, 2014

RV limbo on the holiday weekend

Back on the road. Oregon has a lot of pretty bridges.

Here's the history on this one -  right click > open image in new tab > click to magnify

We hardly plan our travels, so we knew we'd be boondocking for the Fourth of July weekend when every campsite in America is full. We ended up in a gypsy camp/casino RV lot for a few days in Florence, Oregon, but we made the most of it with the free casino coffee and bike rides into town. We even played roulette for 3 days on $25! Florence is a nice little place, but I never had my camera on me, so most of what I have to offer are less-than-stellar phone pics.

On the fourth of July, we climbed onto the roof of our RV to watch the sunset and say goodnight to our solar panels. After sundown, we had a perfect view of the fireworks show in old town. We were thinking of Manny, missing our friends back home, and our patriotic rituals something awful.

We put our boondocking abilities to the test, and lived off the grid for 7 days strait in this casino lot (free RV parking!). It wasn't the rationing of water that got to us, it was the living in a parking lot in such close quarters with everyone else, that begins to wear on the psyche. I expect that this lot was more crowded than usual, due to the national day of booked solid campgrounds that is the Fourth. We spent a lot of time getting away from the casino (casinos are weird), exploring the docks in Old Town Florence, and searching out it's little city parks.

Check out this creation! Look at that one-handed steering! It runs on batteries (bungee'd in a milk crate under the seat) the top of the front sticker reads "powered by pi" For those of you who know Echo Delta - I think this might be his cousin's ride.

We found a rhododendron forest, it is just a little park, but my gosh, what a wonderful little Oasis in the urban jungle. Much needed green space!

You're not a tree.

I've found that my formal education on Native Americans was severely lacking. Throughout our cross-country travels, it's been fascinating (and sad) to learn more about the history of our country, and how it's people lived in a wide variety of environments before we claimed it ours. 

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